Become your own barista, with this Starter Kit.

Includes 1 week of Ceremonial Uji Matcha, a Matcha Whisk, a Crystal Chawan and a Matcha Sieve.

One Week of Free Matcha with your Starter Kit.

Includes 1 week of Ceremonial Uji Matcha, a Matcha Whisk, a Crystal Chawan and a Matcha Sieve.

Barista-quality Matcha lattes, at home.

Whisk up a barista-quality Matcha Latte - with all the tools to get started.

What's In Your Kit?

Free ($19.90 Value)

Ceremonial Uji Matcha (Organic)

(1 Weeks' Supply)

30g Uji Matcha - makes 15 Matcha Lattes.

$19.90 Value

Matcha Whisk


Whisk up silky smooth Matcha under 30 seconds.

$29.90 Value

Crystal Chawan w/ Spout

The perfect Matcha bowl - double-walled, no spills.

$9.90 Value

Matcha Sieve

No clumpy Matcha, ever. Sized for Crystal Chawan. 

A superior Matcha experience, guaranteed.

Our specially designed Crystal Chawan makes Matcha Lattes easier than ever.


Get $79 of value for just $49. Apply discount at checkout.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 196 reviews
Great gift set

Great gift set for matcha beginners. Matcha is
smooth, prefer to use 2 scoops of matcha powder for matcha latte. Used the whisk for 1 week, soak in hot water prior to each use, use it to whisk approximately 14 times and noticed breakage of some of the bamboo whisk bristles. The bristles are fine and fragile to start with and I guess this is part of wear and tear, but I doesn’t look that it’s going to last me more than a month.

My Fav Daily Cuppa

I like the beautiful starter kit. I love the aromatic ceremonial Uji matcha. Nowadays, my family drinks matcha with Bonsoy or EdenSoy daily.

Good start with Matcha Starter Kit

love the way the matcha was prepared using the starter kit. The Ceremonial Uji Matcha taste smooth and good too.

Wayne P
Fragrant and Bubbles Well

The matcha is nice and fragrant the moment you open the pack. Whisking it into frothy form is also easy. Notes are sweet and easy to get right for homemade matcha latte.

Lynette Sim
A little package with so many uses!

Did iced matcha latte for the family twice and everyone loves it! They said it’s like Starbucks’ :D I’m looking forward to use it for lava cakes!

Great Matcha powder for many delicious treats

We love the matcha powder😍 We used it for making matcha lattes, baking it for larva cake and cookies, using the frer menu given. Excellent buy especially with freebies 👍

Erina Lau
Best Matcha powder

I am so glad I decided to give it a try. Definitely worth every cent for this matcha. Taste delicious and the colour of the Matcha powder is really green. Would definitely repurchase it once I finished mine.

Can't wait to try the hojicha powder too!

Lovely taste simple to use

Made my matcha latter without sweat! Can enjoy artisan matcha latte simply at home without heading out now. Thank you Craft Tea!

Great Taste

Delivery was really fast and the product was truly amazing - in both taste and colour!

Satisfied Customer

I’d never heard of or tried CTF before, but decided to give it a try during their Christmas sale. The matcha was much higher quality than expected- thick, grassy and smooth! Will be back :)