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Now Serving: Matcha from Uji, Japan | Harvest Season: May to June.

Matcha Kits

For a modern Matcha experience.

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Silky smooth Matcha, and more.

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Amazing taste, no prep needed.

Why Craft Tea Fox?

Why Craft Tea Fox?

You want to drink healthy, but it has to taste good - and you don't want unwanted chemicals in your body. 

We get it. That's why we offer ceremonial grade Matcha that's:

  • Certified 100% Organic

  • Silky Smooth 

  • Not Bitter

  • Made in Uji, Japan

Us vs The Rest

Silky smooth, organic Matcha straight from Japan - that tastes consistently great.

Cheap Matcha

Craft Tea Fox

Overpriced Matcha


$10 / 30g 

$20 / 30g

$30 / 20g
Sandy, gritty feeling

Smooth mouthfeel



Made in Japan

No Bitter Aftertaste
Bitter, tastes like grass

Nope, sits on shelves for ages.

Refrigerated for maximum freshness.

Depends on storage conditions.

*Applies to Ceremonial Organic Uji Matcha. Certified organic by Japanese Agricultural Standards.

Not just green tea.

Yes, Matcha and green tea are not the same. Who knew?

Don't take it from us...

Hover for 1000+ 5-star reviews.

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not happy with our products for any reason? Get a full refund within 60 days.

Free Shipping

We offer easy, free shipping in Singapore for orders above $40.

Personalised Support

Get after-sales support from our Matcha Experience Team via live chat or email.

Not happy with our products for any reason? Get a full refund within 60 days.

Easy, free shipping in Singapore for orders above $40.

Get after-sales support from our Matcha Experience Team via live chat or email.

Organic Matcha usually tastes bad. Except this one.

Unlike green tea, Matcha is grown in the shade. Without the nutrients from sunlight, Matcha needs fertilisers to grow well. 

However, for organic Matcha, farmers are limited in the type of fertilisers they can use. 

This means organic Matcha often lacks vigour and brightness, and rarely tastes as good as non-organic Matcha.


That is, until now. 

By working closely with a Japanese tea farm in Uji in operation for over 186 years, we've developed a proprietary, organic Matcha that tastes as good as (or better than) non-organic Matcha.   

Silky smooth Matcha, every time. We test to make sure.

Other than taste, mouthfeel is a key part of the Matcha experience. Bad Matcha is usually grainy and leaves a powdery mouthfeel. Good Matcha feels silky-smooth on your tongue. 

Typically, the smaller the particle size, the smoother the mouthfeel.

To guarantee silky-smooth Matcha, we calibrate the grind process carefully together with our partner tea farms, and conduct Particle Size Analysis with an independent laboratory. 

This ensures the median particle size of our Matcha being consistently below 15 micrometers - generally accepted as the required particle size for smooth Matcha.