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awakening set

The set is packaged very exquisitely and it's suitable for gifting. Craft tea fox is very responsive and provides valuable customer service as well.

Calming matcha everyday with the starter kit

Loving the aroma from whisking the matcha. Tried the different beverage recipes but ultimately love it plain with 60-70degree warm water.. simply a joy for my day..ops didn't get the bamboo spoon ;9

It's about Quality

Love the Matcha starter kit set. Sipping smooth quality matcha is the best feeling ever.

Awakening Matcha Whisk Set

Bought it as a gift together with the gift bag. My friend loved it! I had tried CTF matcha before and the quality is really good! :) Liked the easy to follow instructional videos too.

Matcha Whisk Holder

The holder is perfect for drying and holding the whisk.

Friends loved it!

Gave as gifts and friends said the matcha tastes good :)


Good substitute for coffee.

Matcha taste good

Pic below shows a cup of matcha espresso fusion latte. Love the experience in using the kit! Matcha tastes good. However, bad experience with the system charging overseas currency, that incur higher $ after conversion.

Matcha Starter Kit
Michelle Tan
Matcha starter kit

Fast delivery. I enjoyed making my own matcha latte with the simplified guide provided.

My all time favourite!

This is my 4th repeated order. It’s absolutely my all time favourite Matcha and Hojicha from Craft Tea Fox. Their super smooth and authentic taste that makes me repurchasing from them.

Loving my Matcha Latte

I’ve always been a coffee person, but now I’m won over by the Matcha Latte made from the matcha powder here. Very smooth and no bitter taste at all. Absolutely no need to add any sugar or syrup.

Excellent matcha and great value for my money

Tea tasted great, almost no bitter after taste. I've tasted more expensive ceremonial grade matchas that did not taste this good. Delivery was fast and efficient, response to my queries were prompt. Overall an excellent first experience.

Awesome matcha starter kit!

The delivery arrived within 3 days and the match quality is excellent! Matcha is addictive!

looooove Japan snacks

I really miss Japan so much, used to go every year. When CTF offered snacks, I quickly got one and try. wow really reminds me of the ones I tried in Japan, the senbei and monaka snacks are not easy to find in SG.. has Jap flavours like teriyaki and very authentic (all the labels in Japanese). These are very nice and I hope there are even more of these next time!

Will buy again!!

The snacks box is amazing! Before covid, I would also travel to Kyoto to sightsee and try local food and snacks. This box brought back many memories of our stays in ryokan and the wagashi we had. We love every snack, especially the chestnut monaka (lots of filling). Will definitely buy it next time for friends and family.

Matcha Starter Kit
Lilian Chye
Great matcha starter kit

The ceremonial matcha is nice. Making matcha latte and dirty matcha have been easy now. This really help me to save a lot!

I love it!!

Making my own matcha latte is so easy with the guides! This is also very good quality matcha. I love it so much!!

Matcha Whisk Holder
Vincent Wong
Whisk holder

Perfect holder which holds the whisk in shape.

Awesome Matcha-Making Essentials Kit

As a new user of homemade matcha, I purchased the matcha kit that comes with the whisk, the matcha bowl and the match powder itself. This is super useful as I'm totally new to matcha making and having the essentials all ready to make my first cuppa matcha latte is amazing. Tastes great too with oat and almond milk and a tinge of honey, looking to purchase more matcha powder as I'm running low! Thanks for the informative tutorial videos!

Matcha Starter Kit
Vincent Wong
Matcha Starter kit - first purchase

I have no clue about using Whisk to make matcha. Craft tea fox sent me all the videos and tutorials even before the kit arrives. I read everything from maintenance of whisk to matcha latte recipe before it arrives and I know exactly what to do. My family love the matcha latte and I just placed my second order for 100g Barista Matcha as my starter kit 30g pack was consumed within a week.

Great gift set

Great gift set for matcha beginners. Matcha is
smooth, prefer to use 2 scoops of matcha powder for matcha latte. Used the whisk for 1 week, soak in hot water prior to each use, use it to whisk approximately 14 times and noticed breakage of some of the bamboo whisk bristles. The bristles are fine and fragile to start with and I guess this is part of wear and tear, but I doesn’t look that it’s going to last me more than a month.

My Fav Daily Cuppa

I like the beautiful starter kit. I love the aromatic ceremonial Uji matcha. Nowadays, my family drinks matcha with Bonsoy or EdenSoy daily.

Beautiful set

Bought this as a present for myself during the 7.7 sale. The crystal chawan is so pretty but its quite small. The set comes with all the things that you need to make matcha

Lovely matcha set

Happy I got the Awakening set. It’s just right for a personal cup of matcha to start the morning off. I was debating whether to get a more traditional short whisk but am glad I got the long handle - easier on the wrist to use. The Uji ceremonial tea is pleasant - smooth and not too bitter.

More than satisfied customer

Purchased the starter kit and I have no regrets. Love the quality of the matcha! I used to drink green tea bags but I don’t think I can go back to that now. My husband (who’s not usually a fan of green tea latte) loved it when I made it for him too. Will definitely be a regular buyer from now onwards