When Matcha Meets Coffee

Who said you had to pick one?

Introducing Dirty Matcha

If you like Matcha and Espresso, you'll love this.

Why You Need This

1. A Drink You Won't Forget

Creamy, nutty Espresso and smooth, earthy Matcha — it's a match(a) made in heaven. This might just be your new favourite drink.

2. A Unique Brew Experience

There's no other drink quite like this. Follow the video instructions to create your own Dirty Matcha - on your own, or with a loved one. 

3. Make Matcha AND Coffee

Rather not mix? You don't have to. Have Matcha or Coffee on its own.

Meet The Dirty Matcha Home Cafe Kit

An exclusive collaboration between Hook Coffee and Craft Tea Fox.

*Nespresso-compatible machine required.

*2 x AA batteries for Electric Whisk not included.

Dirty Matcha On Demand

Even with delivery, many cafés don't do Dirty Matcha. DIY at home, whenever you want!

Enjoy It For Less $

Special drinks like Dirty Matcha cost a premium at cafés. Be kind to your wallet — make it yourself.

Have It Your Way

Use the perfect amount of Matcha, Espresso, sugar, and milk for your personal taste.

Make it perfect - with guided instructions

Full video and printed instructions accompany each Dirty Matcha kit. No barista skills needed!

Ready to get dirty?

Everything you need to make Dirty Matcha like a pro.*

*Nespresso-compatible machine required.

*2 AA batteries for Electric Matcha Whisk not included.

Dirty Matcha Home Cafe Kit


Choose Your Coffee

Brazilian TanSweet BundchenChoco Loco

Brazilian Tan

Intensity: 11/12

Bittersweet chocolate and sweet earthy chestnuts

Sweet Bundchen

Intensity: 6/12

Rich milk chocolates, delicately nutty hazelnuts

Choco Loco

Intensity: 12/12

Dark chocolate, caramel, biscuits and maple syrup

What's In The Kit?


Barista Uji Matcha (20g)

Barista quality Matcha


10 x Espresso Shotpods

Choose from 3 delicious flavours


Electric Matcha Whisk


Matcha Sieve


Guided Tutorial


60-Day Guarantee


After-sales Support


Total Value


Kit Price



Who Is Hook Coffee?

Ethically Produced. Sustainably Grown. Freshly Roasted.

Hook Coffee is a home-grown brand on a mission to make great and responsible coffee accessible to everyone.

Their coffee is....

ethically sourced from the world's best farms

• roasted with state-of-the-art roasters, and 

• delivered straight to your door within a week of roasting.

We're excited to be collaborating with Hook Coffee to bring you both great tasting Matcha and Espresso in our new Dirty Matcha Home Cafe Kit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Craft Tea Fox Matcha from?

Craft Tea Fox Matcha is from Japan. It is grown, harvested and processed in both Uji and Kyoto.

We work with an eminent Matcha grower in Uji with over 150 years of experience.

Where is Hook Coffee from?

Hook Coffee is ethically and sustainably sourced from the world's best farms. The ShotPods in this kit feature coffee from a combination of regions.

Learn more about Sweet Bundchen, Choco Loco, and Brazillian Tan on Hook Coffee's website.

What if I don't know how to make a Dirty Matcha?

We've designed this kit so that anyone with a Nespresso machine can make a Dirty Matcha on their own!  

Each kit comes with detailed, printed instructions, including a video tutorial. Simply scan the included QR code.

If there remain any questions, you can always drop a line to our team (via email or live chat) to request for more assistance!

How many cups of Dirty Matcha Latte can I make?

Our Dirty Matcha Latte recipe uses 2 tsp (~4 grams) of Matcha Powder and 1 ShotPod.

With the 20g Barista Uji Matcha Powder and 10 ShotPods included in the kit, you'll be able to make 5 cups of Dirty Matcha Latte and 5 more cups of Caffe Lattes.

Quantities may vary based on your preferred ratio of Matcha to Espresso.

What if I don't have a Nespresso Machine?

The ShotPods included in the kit are only compatible with Nespresso machines. 

If you don't have a Nespresso machine, you could consider assembling your own kit by purchasing our Barista Uji Matcha and Hook Coffee's ground coffee beans or drip bags separately.

When will the Matcha/Coffee expire?

Matcha has a shelf life of between 6-12 months. 

For maximum freshness, Matcha should always be stored in the fridge in an opaque, air-tight container and out of direct sunlight. This will prevent light, oxygen, moisture, and heat from damaging the Matcha.

The ShotPods contain coffee in a hermetically sealed pod, which can stay fresh between 6-12 months. 

Is the Matcha/Coffee Organic?

The Barista Uji Matcha in this kit is not certified organic. Only our Ceremonial Uji Matcha is JAS-certified organic.

The Hook Coffee ShotPods available in this kit are not certified organic, however, Hook Coffee works with small scale farms, the majority of which use organic farming practices, for their land's best long-term interest.

Is the electric whisk rechargeable?

The whisk runs on 2 AA batteries (not included) that can be replaced whenever necessary.