Barista Uji Matcha Powder (30g)
Barista Uji Matcha Powder (30g)Barista Uji Matcha Powder (30g)

Barista Uji Matcha Powder (30g)


Barista Uji Matcha Powder (30g)

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Selected for the perfect Matcha Latte: silky-smooth mouthfeel, strong umami flavour.

Delivered in Singapore and worldwide.

Also available in 100g size.


    • Make-Your-Own-Latte Recipe - Matcha Latte recipe provided on tea tin
    • Selected for Lattes - blends with dairy or non-dairy milk
    • Sugar-Free - you decide your sugar level
    • Silky-Smooth - particle size under 10 micron, for silky-smooth lattes
    • Plastic-Free - go green with environmentally-conscious packaging


    100% Pure Uji Matcha powder. No sugar or preservatives.

    Use for a piping hot cup of Matcha Latte, baking delectable pastries, or anything else you might imagine. 

    Intense grassy umami, with a hint of tannic, bittersweet undertones.

    For maximum freshness, store all Matcha and Hojicha powder in the fridge. 

    Use within 3 months after opening. 

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    What You'll Get

    Perfect Matcha Lattes

    Works perfectly for lattes - thanks to an explosion of umami that melds with your favourite milk, and superfine texture. 

    Silky Smooth Matcha

    Each Matcha particle is ground to <10 microns - less than the width of human hair. So you'll get silky smooth Matcha, every time.

    Value For Money

    Up to 300% cheaper than your cafe's Matcha Latte - at less than $1.50 a pop. The same barista-approved quality.

    What the #CTFam is Saying

    The Craft Tea Fox Difference

    Personalised, after-sales support for your Matcha brewing journey.

    We know Matcha can be intimidating. So many different traditions, recipes, ratios, and choices!

    So, unlike any other Matcha company, we provide personalised, after-sales support - for any Matcha-related question you have.

    Can't figure out how to whisk Matcha? Or just struggling with a recipe? Ask us - and we’ll help you get your brew right.

    P.S. It’s no trouble at all, we love Matcha as much as you do 😉 

    With love,

    The Craft Tea Fox team

    Step 1: Pick the Right Matcha

    Step 2: Make a Matcha Latte

    Make a barista-quality Matcha Latte in 2 minutes.


    Step 3: Make Matcha magic

    Use Matcha to create anything you want - bakes, lattes, desserts. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 133 reviews
    Nicole Neoh

    I have always loved matcha latte, but after trying the one from craft tea fox and making my own matcha latte, I have been drinking almost everyday!! (And because it’s more cost effective) It gives me the energy yet not the jitter from normal coffee. Mix it with plant milk, yum!

    Absolutely Premium Quality Matcha!

    This is my 6th repeated order. Just subscribed to their auto refill pack service (100G) and redeemed a free reward of Barista Uji Matcha (30G) from my points earned. And, thank you for the free gift of yummy mochi. Great service!

    It’s absolutely premium quality Matcha! Loved super smooth and authentic taste matcha.

    Friends loved it!

    Gave as gifts and friends said the matcha tastes good :)

    Loving my Matcha Latte

    I’ve always been a coffee person, but now I’m won over by the Matcha Latte made from the matcha powder here. Very smooth and no bitter taste at all. Absolutely no need to add any sugar or syrup.

    Eric J. Brooks
    Excellent matcha and great value for my money

    Tea tasted great, almost no bitter after taste. I've tasted more expensive ceremonial grade matchas that did not taste this good. Delivery was fast and efficient, response to my queries were prompt. Overall an excellent first experience.

    Wayne P
    Fragrant and Bubbles Well

    The matcha is nice and fragrant the moment you open the pack. Whisking it into frothy form is also easy. Notes are sweet and easy to get right for homemade matcha latte.

    Erina Lau
    Best Matcha powder

    I am so glad I decided to give it a try. Definitely worth every cent for this matcha. Taste delicious and the colour of the Matcha powder is really green. Would definitely repurchase it once I finished mine.

    Can't wait to try the hojicha powder too!

    Great Taste

    Delivery was really fast and the product was truly amazing - in both taste and colour!

    Satisfied Customer

    I’d never heard of or tried CTF before, but decided to give it a try during their Christmas sale. The matcha was much higher quality than expected- thick, grassy and smooth! Will be back :)

    Mun Kuen Soh

    Like the matcha milk tea and hojicha milk tea! The matcha powder is flavourful too!

    Why Matcha?

    Keep super awake but super calm - and one of the most potent superfoods on the planet.




    Stay sharp longer (4-6 hours).

    No crash.

    Get pumped - for 1-2 hours. 

    Then feel sleepy again.


    Packed with antioxidants. One of the richest on the planet.

    Not much to see here...


    Feel calm yet alert - thanks to L-theanine, a natural amino acid that aids concentration.

    Jittery, increased heartbeat, jumpy / stressed.

    Which Matcha?






    Suggested Use







    Baked pastries and desserts (e.g. lava cakes, cupcakes, cookies)







    Lattes, smoothies, or unbaked desserts (e.g. tiramisu, ice cream)






    Traditional pure Matcha, or a really smooth Matcha Latte

    Which Matcha suits me best?

    Not all Matcha is made equal. Take our quiz to find your Matcha match.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is Craft Tea Fox Matcha from?

    Craft Tea Fox Matcha is grown, harvested and processed in Uji, Japan.

    We work with an eminent Matcha grower in Uji with over 150 years of experience.

    How many cups of Matcha Latte can I make?

    It depends on the size of your cup, and how intense you like your Matcha Latte.

    For a 200ml cup of strong intensity, our Matcha Latte recipe suggests 1.5–2 tsp (3–4 grams) of Matcha Powder.

    That's about 6-7 cups for each 20g tea tin, and 25–35 cups for each 100g tea tin.

    Proportions may vary based on your personal preference.

    How long can Matcha last?

    Matcha has a shelf life of between 6-12 months.

    For maximum freshness, Matcha should always be stored in the fridge in an opaque, air-tight container and out of direct sunlight. 

    This will prevent light, oxygen, moisture, and heat from damaging the Matcha.

    What's the difference between the different Matcha grades?

    Ceremonial Uji Matcha is more suited for those who occasionally drink pure Matcha (without milk or sugar). It is less bitter than the other types of Matcha.

    Barista Uji Matcha is best suited for those who frequently make Matcha lattes. It is also best suited for no-bake desserts / recipes where the Matcha doesn't get heated, like tiramisu, ice cream, or sprinkled over a crepe. 

    Patissier Uji Matcha is the most economical option for those who bake with Matcha in recipes, e.g. Matcha bread, Matcha cookies, Matcha lava cake.

    For more information, read our guide to different Matcha grades.

    I don't have a Matcha whisk, can I use a spoon?

    We do not recommend using a spoon to make Matcha. A spoon actually gathers Matcha into clumps, leading to a "grainy" latte.

    Use a Matcha Whisk for best results to make a silky-smooth Matcha latte.

    If you do not have a whisk, you can still make Matcha using an electric milk frother, blender, or shaking in a bottle. 

    Learn to make Matcha without a whisk here. 

    Is your Matcha organic?

    Which Matcha do you use in your bottled lattes?

    Where do you ship to?

    We are based in Singapore but ship worldwide. Please refer here for international shipping rates.

    More questions? Get in touch at

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