Matcha Whisk (100-prong)
Matcha Whisk (100-prong)

Matcha Whisk (100-prong)


Matcha Whisk (100-prong)

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A handcrafted 100-prong bamboo whisk - perfect if you like your Matcha or Hojicha thick and frothy.

On the number of prongs:

  • The more prongs in your whisk, the more froth you get.
  • A 100-prong whisk is the ideal choice for making a casual, frothy cup of Matcha or Hojicha.

How to use a bamboo whisk:

Check out our guide on how to use a bamboo whisk.

  • Whisk in an "M" shape and watch the bubbles form!
  • Works wonderfully with Craft Tea Fox Uji Matcha or Uji Hojicha.
  • Low-quality Matcha and Hojicha will not provide the same frothiness.


For maximum freshness, store all Matcha and Hojicha powder in the fridge. 

Use within 3 months after opening. 


Heads up: Matcha doesn't dissolve. 

Don't waste good Matcha by stirring with a spoon. Get foamy, silky-smooth Matcha with a good Matcha Whisk.

With a good Matcha Whisk, make your own cafe-grade lattes, and your investment will quickly pay itself off.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Emma Sandberg
Firsttime matcha making

Love waking up to this glasbowl and make my matcha in and whisk away 🙏🏾

Trustin Neo

Wife is a tea person and she simply enjoy the richness flavour of the matcha!


Enjoyed the Matcha, which came in a nice box packaging. Bought it so that I can make matcha latte at home, which is better & more delicious than the matcha latte at Starbucks.

Feedback for the sealed bag packaging: Wished the packaging for the matcha powder doesn't come in a bag, because it's hard not to spill all over when I scoop it out with a tea spoon and repacking it to put it away, creating a mess every time. Perhaps it's easier if it comes in a tin can instead.

Good buy!

Been using the matcha whisk daily for 2 weeks. It made my matcha latte taste smoother and frothier which i like it.

Matcha whisk

Recently bought the matcha whisk and it was one of the best buy I’ve got, since I can make my own matcha at the comfort of my home! High recommend to get one for yourself too!

Esther Koh
Great product

great product as described :)

Kelyn Elina Li
Great quality whisk

Great quality whisk, bloomed nicely after first soak. Didn't break off any stems.

Great service

Whisk came packed nicely. Reasonable price, shipped fast, overall would recommend

J Tan

Matcha Whisk (100-prong)

Alison Wee
Fantastic whisk

I recently bought my 2nd 100 prong whisk and still love the result of my matcha after that. This is the best. Now I have 2 whisks, 1 for my home use during the weekends and another in office for my daily indulgence. Thank you Craft Tea Fox for excellent products!

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