What is 


What is Whisked™?

With Whisked™, we've merged traditional Matcha preparation methods with modern production processes. 

Why Whisked™?

Using Whisked™ allows you to keep a silky-smooth latte in your fridge for up to 6 weeks, while tasting as good as a fresh, cafe-grade latte the entire time.

Whisked™ is needed because green tea powder and Matcha are quite different

  • Green Tea Powder
  • Matcha

Made from flash-dehydrated green tea.

Completely soluble in water.

Made from premium green tea leaves, ground into powder.

Because Matcha is ground directly from tea leaves, Matcha does not dissolve!

Because Matcha does not dissolve, a drink made with real Matcha is always a suspension.

That's why a bamboo whisk is traditionally used to thoroughly whisk the Matcha particles into a suspension, and avoid clumpy Matcha!

How Whisked™ works

Step 1: The Sieve

To avoid clumpy Matcha / Hojicha powder, we sieve our powder through a fine filter. 

This eradicates clumpy powder, for a super smooth latte!

Step 2: The Whisk

To make each latte super smooth, we whisk Uji Matcha / Hojicha together with warm water, in small batches.

Step 3: The Milk

We add milk and a small amount of sugar, just like how you would prepare it at home or in a cafe.

Step 4: Stabilisation

To prevent Matcha from sinking (since Matcha doesn't dissolve!), we add some natural gum.

The Matcha still sinks after several days. This is perfectly normal, since Matcha never dissolves! 

Step 5: The Warm

We apply gentle heat to the latte to kill any bacteria.

Step 6: The Bottling

Each latte is then bottled and capped by hand.

Each bottle's tamper-resistant seal is checked to make sure that the bottle is airtight for maximum freshness.

Where is Whisked™?

Each batch of lattes is prepared in a Singapore Food Agency-certified, ISO22000-, HACCP- and Halal-certified facility in Singapore.

Silky smooth lattes. 

All the time.

By implementing traditional methods through modern production processes, you'll get consistently silky-smooth lattes.

Made with Whisked™

Grab these silky-smooth lattes made with Whisked™ now.
Matcha Latte
Hojicha Latte