Give your glass bottles a second chance.

Recycle them on your next Craft Tea Fox delivery.

Recycling is easy

We'll collect your used glass bottles on your next Craft Tea Fox delivery. Please follow the steps below:

Wash glass bottles

Please help to only return washed glass bottles. We are not able to accept unwashed glass bottles.

Place items in foam box

As the foam box allows us to handle glass bottles carefully, we are not able to accept returns without the foam box.

Return foam box on next delivery

On your next latte delivery, hand foam box over to the deliveryman. It's that simple!

What happens to the glass bottles?

Each glass bottle undergoes a cleaning and sterilisation process.

The sterilised glass bottles are as good as new, and can then be used for a next batch of lattes.

How we sterilise each glass bottle

Each used glass bottle undergoes thorough sterilisation via industrial-standard heat and chemical treatment in our ISO22000/HACCP certified facility in Singapore.

With a state-of-the-art sterilisation process, all recycled bottles are thoroughly cleaned and are as good as new.


What if I don't have a foam box anymore?

You can use the foam box that comes with your new order! 

To make recycling as efficient as possible, our courier partner can only accept glass bottles in the foam box as they are easily identifiable and can be compiled easily.Please do not use plastic bags or other carrier bags as the bottles are made of glass and can be fragile.

What if I have bottles that can't fit in the foam box?

Each foam box can fit up to 9 bottles. 

If you have 10 or more glass bottles, you can split them over your next few deliveries!