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Awakening Matcha Whisk Set

Product images are for illustration. Actual product may vary due to handmade components. 

Awakening Matcha Whisk Set
Awakening Matcha Whisk Set
Awakening Matcha Whisk Set / Brewing Kit
Awakening Matcha Whisk Set / Brewing Kit
Awakening Matcha Whisk Set / Brewing Kit

Awakening: The Ultimate Matcha Whisk Set


Discover Matcha making with our best-selling Matcha.

  • For an intentional Matcha ritual

  • Prepare Matcha the traditional way

  • Ceremonial-grade, organic Matcha

Almost $90 of value in 1 kit.


100% Money-Back Guarantee

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Awakening Matcha Whisk Set

Product images are for illustration. Actual product may vary due to handmade components. 

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Discover Matcha making.

Each kit includes:

  • Organic, Ceremonial Uji Matcha

  • Full-Length Matcha Whisk

  • Double Walled Crystal Chawan

  • Bamboo Matcha Scoop

A Calming, Intentional Ritual

The calm is in the ritual. Make Matcha with intention, the way it was intended. 

No More Spilling Matcha

The Crystal Chawan (Matcha Bowl) is all you need. It doubles up as an insulated glass, keeping your Matcha piping hot (or cold).

Better Tasting, Organic Matcha

This isn't just any ordinary Matcha. It's a silky smooth, fragrant umami bomb, with almost zero bitterness. 

Real Reviews from Real People

Customer Reviews

Based on 272 reviews
KL foo
Calming matcha everyday with the starter kit

Loving the aroma from whisking the matcha. Tried the different beverage recipes but ultimately love it plain with 60-70degree warm water.. simply a joy for my day..ops didn't get the bamboo spoon ;9

It's about Quality

Love the Matcha starter kit set. Sipping smooth quality matcha is the best feeling ever.


Good substitute for coffee.

Pfen Khor
Matcha taste good

Pic below shows a cup of matcha espresso fusion latte. Love the experience in using the kit! Matcha tastes good. However, bad experience with the system charging overseas currency, that incur higher $ after conversion.

Michelle Tan
Matcha starter kit

Fast delivery. I enjoyed making my own matcha latte with the simplified guide provided.

Awesome matcha starter kit!

The delivery arrived within 3 days and the match quality is excellent! Matcha is addictive!

Lilian Chye
Great matcha starter kit

The ceremonial matcha is nice. Making matcha latte and dirty matcha have been easy now. This really help me to save a lot!

I love it!!

Making my own matcha latte is so easy with the guides! This is also very good quality matcha. I love it so much!!

Awesome Matcha-Making Essentials Kit

As a new user of homemade matcha, I purchased the matcha kit that comes with the whisk, the matcha bowl and the match powder itself. This is super useful as I'm totally new to matcha making and having the essentials all ready to make my first cuppa matcha latte is amazing. Tastes great too with oat and almond milk and a tinge of honey, looking to purchase more matcha powder as I'm running low! Thanks for the informative tutorial videos!

Vincent Wong
Matcha Starter kit - first purchase

I have no clue about using Whisk to make matcha. Craft tea fox sent me all the videos and tutorials even before the kit arrives. I read everything from maintenance of whisk to matcha latte recipe before it arrives and I know exactly what to do. My family love the matcha latte and I just placed my second order for 100g Barista Matcha as my starter kit 30g pack was consumed within a week.

What You'll Get


Ceremonial Uji Matcha

30 servings (30g)


Dual Purpose Crystal Chawan


Full Length Matcha Whisk


Bamboo Matcha Scoop


Guided Tutorials


60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


After-sales Support


Total Value


You Pay


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Craft Tea Fox Matcha from?

Craft Tea Fox Matcha is from Japan. It is grown, harvested and processed in both Uji and Kyoto.

We work with an eminent Matcha grower in Uji with over 150 years of experience.

How many servings of Matcha can I make?

For drinking Matcha on its own, we recommend about 1 gram per serving, so you'll get 30 servings with the kit.

For Matcha Lattes, we recommend at least 2 grams per latte, so you'll get about 15 servings per kit.


Quantities may vary based on your preferred ratio of Matcha to milk.

When will my order be delivered?

Delivery within Singapore usually takes between 1-3 working days. 

Delivery outside of SIngapore usually takes between 3-12 working days.

When will the Matcha expire?

The Matcha will have a shelf life of at least 6-12 months.

Is the Matcha Organic?

Yes, the Ceremonial Uji Matcha is certified organic by JAS.

Your Matcha Awakening Is Here

The Ultimate Matcha Starter Kit

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