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[Recipe] Matcha and Adzuki Red Bean Loaf Cake using Airfryer
Matcha always goes well with adzuki red beans, so let's bake one such loaf cake for tea time. It is moist and has slightly bitter tinges of matcha. Love it.
Enjoy a Taste of Japan with Matcha and Hojicha Latte from Craft Tea Fox
SINGAPORE – Are you a Matcha lover or a Green Tea lover? Did you know that they are actually two different things? From the way both are prepared, to the difference in benefits, here’s why you should go for Matcha instead of Green Tea.  
Craft Tea Fox Review: Matcha and Hojicha Lattes (Milk/Oat Milk)
As someone who enjoys cafe drinks, I appreciate cold brew delivery services that allow you to access and savour these premium beverages in the comfort of your home.
Craft Tea Fox - Matcha Latte and Hojicha Latte with Worldwide Shipping
Craving for some good latte fix? I'm happy to learn about Craft Tea Fox, a homegrown Singapore brand that brews one of the best lattes I've had in Singapore. The tea lattes are produced using the traditional whisk method, which helps to create a smooth texture without any clumpy tea particles. They also pride themselves on going low on the sugar content. Both matcha and hojicha latte were sweet but not overly so, treading a fine balance between bitter and sweet.   
21 Cold Brew Deliveries in Singapore For A Convenient Caffeine Fix
With Singapore’s fast-paced lifestyle, most of us need our daily dose of caffeine. Thankfully, our coffee culture is unique and diverse, giving us a myriad of options from both Eastern and Western influences.   If you’re tired of your regular kopi or teh, change it up and try cold brew, a caffeinated beverage commonly found in cafes. 
Apparently my Yaki Yaki Bo review caught the eye of some Craft Tea people at Craft Tea Fox…. and before you know it, I got some bottles of Matcha and Houjicha Lattes at my doorstep, without me even asking for it.  
Matcha & Hojicha Recipes
It all started with burger buns – I was given a brick of Impossible Meat during the Circuit Breaker and wanted to serve burgers with it. At that time, snaking queues were forming in gr
I love matcha. I seek it almost on a daily basis, having prowled all the matcha tea houses in Singapore and even cafes that sell matcha latte or offer it as a cold brew. I recently came across Craft Tea Fox. The brand specializes in matcha and hojicha and their product line-up revolves around that – from powder to cold brew.   
Matcha Cream Cheese Pound Cake & Hojicha Ice-Cream
Are you a Matcha or Hojicha Lover? If you have been following me for long on my blog as well as on my Instagram where I share about food  and recipes regularly, you will know that I love both Matcha and Hojicha!
[#SupportLocal] Ready-Made Matcha And Hoijicha Lattes From Craft Tea Fox
Love matcha tea?     There is a Singapore home-grown brand that specialises in curating the best, premium Matcha tea from Japan – Craft Tea Fox.  
Craft Tea Fox – Rich Uji Matcha and Hojicha Latte delivered to your home
Craft Tea Fox aims to produce drinks that are not only healthy but also easily accessible to everyone. Everyday around us, we are bombarded and tempted by many sweet drinks. This creates a window of opportunity for Craft Tea Box to venture into the Matcha/Hojicha latte market by making drinks that are both tasty and convenient to carry with you.
Best Premium Tea Brands In Singapore For 2021
The fragrance and aroma of freshly brewed tea will always everyone’s hearts, regardless of its timing. With its plethora of flavours and brewing methods, tea has been a staple form of drink that transcends cultures as well as traditions. In Singapore, Singaporeans are particularly familiar with signature tea drinks such as Teh-O, Teh Tarik and even bubble tea! However, if you’re looking for a new as well as unique taste in your cup of tea, why not check out the best premium tea brands in Singapore? Moreover, these brands provide tea with unique flavours. In addition, their beautiful packaging will definitely elicit a sense of exclusivity for the customers!
It seems like yesterday when I was trotting along the streets of Uji, Japan, sampling all the green tea I could get my hands on and blissfully unaware of an impending pandemic that would soon half all travel plans for the coming year. Luckily, retailers like Craft Tea Fox have sprung up to fill the gaping hole left by my favourite Japanese tea.   
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[REVIEW] Craft Tea Fox – Matcha and Hojicha Powder and Latte in Singapore
If quinoa is the new chia seeds, then matcha has to be the new coffee in 2021. Before the caffeine junkies come rushing at me with their pitchforks and Nescafe pods, let me clarify. Coffee is in no way unhealthy. The controversy over the health adversity of coffee had already been cleared up, but there’s one fact that remains: overdependence and caffeine crash. Well, two facts.  
Hojicha Cakes 焙茶蛋糕
These Hojicha cakes are soft and spongy with a hint of Hojicha fragrance. They’re great to serve with a cup of Hojicha tea to share these yummy cakes with your family at home. You may wonder what is Hojicha (焙じ茶). It’s actually a roasted green tea. The leaves will change to brown colour after being roasted, thereby emitting a refreshing fragrance of distinctive nutty earthy flavour.  
8 Best Matcha Powder in Singapore
Craft Tea Fox, one of the latest contender to the market, stands out with its bold contemporary design. Dissatisfied by the lack of decent matcha lattes in Singapore, founders Kai Xin and Elias decided to import their own matcha powder from Uji, Japan.
15 Tea Brands in Singapore For That Ultimate Zen And Calm
If you’re a Matcha fan, you’ll definitely want to check out Craft Tea Fox. 
Craft Tea Fox - Have you tried making Matcha?
Do you remember the 2-month circuit breaker period last year - when the cold brew craze hit? As we were all adapting to the new norm of working from home, I remember gifting and receiving cold brews from friends, and myself on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. 
Ultimate Cold Brew Delivery Guide: 29 Places to Get Your Coffee & Tea
The adorable name aside, Craft Tea Fox knows their matcha, alright.