What is Hojicha?

what is hojicha

Hojicha - green tea that isn't green 

The term Hojicha refers to green tea that is roasted. 


Due to the unique taste of Hojicha caused by the roasting process, Hojicha has gained rapid popularity worldwide. 


Hojicha is just like Matcha's less well-known brother - more zesty, less vegetal. 


Together, they make a pretty good combo, especially if you are looking for an alternative to standard Matcha / green tea


Hojicha vs Green Tea

Although considered a green tea, hojicha comes in different shades that range from light to dark brown. 


This is due in large part to the roasting process. It not only changes the color and taste of the tea it also reduces the bitterness and levels of caffeine. 


If Hojicha is roasted using the twigs and not the leaves, then the caffeine levels are even lower. 





When do you drink Hojicha?

The low levels of caffeine and enjoyable taste make Hojicha a mild, tasty tea that can be enjoyed at any time. 


For many people, they have a cup after a meal to help with relaxation.


Hojicha can also be used with milk to create a Hojicha Latte - one of the many popular ways to enjoy it! 





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