Searching for a tea gift setWe have the perfect thing. Because Matcha is more than just tea - it's an entire experience

Gift a brand new tea experience to your loved ones with one of these tea gift sets: delivered in Singapore and worldwide.

For the Cafe-Hopping Friend

For that friend who:

  • Posts cafe-hopping photos on IG all day 
  • Burns a hole in their pocket from all that cafe hopping

Matcha & Hojicha Latte 6-Pack Bundle ($40+)

Customisable box of 6 lattes - each one cafe-quality, just what your cafe hopping friend would love. 

These lattes are also low in sugar, a bonus if he or she is health conscious. 

For the Kitchen Disaster Friend

For that friend who:

  • Pours water on the table (instead of into the cup)
  • Uses up the kitchen towels to clean up the messs (and refuses to own up)

Matcha Bowl with Spout ($36)

Gift this to the clumsy Matcha lover who can’t get past a day in the kitchen without making a mess. 

Our Chawan serves as the ideal bowl for whisking with its depth, & helps to reduce spillage with its spout. 

For the Self-Improvement Enthusiast

For that friend who:

  • Is game to try new things (tends to convince you to join them)
  • Has a library of self-help books

Barista Uji Matcha Powder 20g ($16.90)

Know someone who ditched the coffee & jumped on the tea bandwagon? 

Trying to break out of old habits and start a new routine is tough. 

20g tin of barista-grade Matcha powder would be the right amount of commitment to start.

For the Go-Getter

For that friend who:

  • Skips toilet breaks for work (superglued to office chair)
  • Have to ask them out two weeks in advance 
Awakening Matcha Whisk Set ($69)

Know someone who races through life at an unsustainable pace? Remind them to enjoy a good brew and take a breather. 

How? Get them to make their own Matcha with everything they need in this tea gift set. It's a moment of zen for those days you lose control.

Gift more than just tea

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