Save on Delivery Fees. 

Craft Tea Fox is now on FairPrice Online!

Live in Singapore? Get Craft Tea Fox with your groceries, and save on delivery.

Face issues checking out on Fairprice Online? Scroll down - we've included detailed instructions and an FAQ below.

To Order: Create an account on FairPrice Online

Step 1: Log In

Create an account and Log In. 

Step 2: Postal Code

Select your postal code for delivery.

Step 3: 'Select Cartons & Variety'

Some postal codes (not all) will be presented with an option to select either "Cartons & Variety" or "Fast & Fresh". 

Select "Cartons & Variety"Do NOT select "Fast & Fresh", or "Click and Collect".

Step 4: Add CTF to your Cart

Add Craft Tea Fox products to your cart by going to our store, or by searching in the search bar. 


If you cannot see Craft Tea Fox products despite following the instructions above, please see additional instructions here.

Technical Issues / FAQ

I followed the instructions but I still can't see Craft Tea Fox on FairPrice Online.

Try changing your postal code to 409051 first.

Then, go to the Fairprice Online homepage, and select "Cartons & Variety" by selecting the options highlighted below.

Once Cartons & Variety is selected, the Craft Tea Fox products should be visible.

After that, change the postal code back to your desired postal code. 

The Craft Tea Fox products should remain visible and can now be added to cart.

All Craft Tea Fox products on FairPrice Online are sold out.

On Thursday nights after 10pm, our products appear as sold out. 

This is because our warehouse is not open on Saturdays.

The products will be available again on Friday mornings.  

There is a delivery date warning. Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal.

The delivery date warning appears to simply to inform you of the earliest delivery date.

As we are a Fairprice Marketplace seller, Fairprice takes additional time to collect your order from us and pack it for you.

More questions? Chat with us, or send an email to

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